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Best Places to Take Photos In New Orleans

Whether you're a professional photographer coming to town or just taking pictures with your phone and sharing your vacation with your friends via Facebook, New Orleans has many, many photo ops for you to discover.

Make sure to bring the extra memory card and keep your phone charged. You don't want to miss a picture opportunity.

Jackson Square/St. Louis Cathedral

Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral Jackson Square is a beautiful open block in the heart of the French Quarter with a statue of Andrew Jackson in the center, perfectly manicured lawns and landscaped gardens. St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest, continuously operating cathedral in the United States. Both combine to be one of the most beautiful and photographed spots, not just in New Orleans, but in the whole country. They're the perfect backdrop for your family photos or make for stunning scenes as the main focus with the historic architecture of the Church, as well as magnificent grounds of the Square.

French Quarter

It's not just Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral that are photo worthy. The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in the city and you'll want to keep your camera out as you stroll through this part of the city. Historic architecture is prevalent throughout the French Quarter. You'll want to capture the views looking down the streets, past the historic buildings to where they meet the modern marvels of the New Orleans skyline. It's also a great area for people watching, with musicians and street entertainers at many corners.

Garden District/Uptown New Orleans

Streetcar with Audubon Park in the background Located up river from the French Quarter is the Garden District, an area of town known for its splendid beauty. The avenues here are lined with oak trees and the homes here date back a century or more. The streetcar travels through the Garden District and the rest of Uptown, it's as much a mode of transportation as something you'll want to photograph.

The Parks

Streetcars travel throughout New Orleans, two of the stops are Audubon Park and City Park. These are two vast parks in and must visits for anyone that loves taking pictures of beautiful scenery. City Park is one of the largest and most visited municipal parks in the United States. Make sure to check out the sculpture garden before you leave. Audubon Park dates back to 1871 and is home the Audubon Zoo.


Of course, don't limit yourself to these areas. There's so much more to see and do in New Orleans. Along the way as your explore this beautiful city, I'm sure that you'll find many, many more photo opportunities.

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