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Weather in New Orleans in August Photo

Weather in New Orleans in August

August Weather If poet T.S. Eliot had ever been to New Orleans in August, he’d never have written “April is the cruelest month.” But let’s put a positive spin on it: If you hate crowds, August is a great time to visit. N…

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New Orleans Weather in July Photo

New Orleans Weather in July

When July comes around, we’re in the thick of summertime in New Orleans, and there’s no getting around the summer heat. Highs average in the low 90s during the day, with the evening lows bringing a slight reprieve, hovering around the mid…

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Where To Stay In New Orleans Photo

Where To Stay In New Orleans

When you're looking for a hotel in New Orleans, there are many factors to look into to make your decision. Does the hotel have parking? Is it family or pet friendly? How are the reviews? Maybe most importantly, what is the price? As you look f…

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When You MUST Book Early Photo

When You MUST Book Early

One of the most common questions we hear from our friends coming into New Orleans for a festival or event is, "When should I book a hotel room?" Our answer is always now! The sooner the better, it's not uncommon for hotels across the city to be c…

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Historic Hotels in the French Quarter Photo

Historic Hotels in the French Quarter

A storied history surrounds the city of New Orleans and all she encompasses, including some notable hotels in everyone's favorite destination - the French Quarter! Maison Dupuy This picturesque hotel conveniently located near Jackson Square…

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Best Time To Visit New Orleans Photo

Best Time To Visit New Orleans

We've seen a lot of people asking when is the best time to visit New Orleans? What is the weather like in New Orleans during March? When is the cheapest time to stay in New Orleans? Why are hotels so expensive in February in New Orleans? And othe…

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Best Western Plus Landmark Hotel & Suites: Home Away From Home Photo

Best Western Plus Landmark Hotel & Suites: Home Away From Home

Hotel living may sound like an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and The Famous, but in fact, it’s the life of a 90-year-old business owner who once called the New Orleans area home. John Marver spends more than three months of the year living …

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Best Hotel Restaurants Photo

Best Hotel Restaurants

New Orleans is known around the world as one of the best cities for cuisine, but getting fabulous food without leaving your hotel is powered sugar on your beignet (can we make that an actual saying?) Weather you’re looking for a fancy feast or …

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Pet Friendly Hotels Photo

Pet Friendly Hotels

We know it can be hard to leave your pets behind even for a fun-filled family vacation. The good news: in New Orleans, everyone is welcome –even your furry, four-legged friends! Many businesses and restaurants (outside seating of course) around…

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Why you should use Photo

Why you should use

Created by New Orleans locals Best New Orleans Hotels was created by New Orleans locals who have been helping visitors to the city find the perfect hotel room for 20 years. The site started after many national and international phone calls from visi…

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