5 starsMany of us have used hotel review sites to get a general idea of hotels in places we've never visited. However, it's just a general picture and there are a few things to keep in mind when you're planning to book your hotel room for your vacation to New Orleans.

Hotel Ratings: It's important to remember that some of the best New Orleans hotels don't always show up in the top 10 lists because the ratings and rankings are based on the combined reviews of many that take into consideration multiple factors such as price, location, parking and other amenities.

For example, if a visitor to New Orleans stays at a wonderful hotel in the heart of the French Quarter with a number of wonderful amenities, they may still give it a one star because of the hefty price tag.

Another common example that we often see are hotels that receive a poor rating for location. This usually occurs when a visitor wants to be in a French Quarter hotel but ends up staying in the Central Business District near the Convention Center. The result can be a poor rating for location even though they are within walking distance to many attractions, including the French Quarter and the New Orleans Superdome. Of course, for the business traveler in town for the convention, it doesn't get more convenient than being able to stay near the New Orleans Convention Center and within walking distance to the French Quarter and a streetcar ride away from uptown New Orleans and the Garden District.

The opposite could be true for business travelers or families staying in some parts of the French Quarter where the festive atmosphere can disrupt a good night’s sleep, so they rate the French Quarter hotel low for location.

Now, we’re not saying to completely disregard their rankings, but keep these situations in mind when you're looking for a hotel and be sure to read our recommendations.

We allow you to book directly with the hotel and not through a third party system where hidden fees may occur. Remember, the cheapest and best way to make your reservation is to book directly with the hotel.

Top Reasons To Book Directly With The Hotel