As you might have heard, we do things a little bit differently here in New Orleans. We have parades for anything and everything. We bury our dead above of the ground. Of course, that uniqueness extends to our hotels' accommodations, amenities and locations.


Hotels in cities across the world also have courtyards, however, the courtyards here are uniquely New Orleans. The courtyards here are tucked in between historic buildings, filled with lush tropical vegetation and will transport you to a laid back and relaxed world the moment you walk into one.


Same as above. Hotels all over the country have balconies, but usually they're enclosed with that generic slab of concrete. Here the rails are made with black wrought iron. It's worth upgrade to a room with a balcony here and being able to enjoy the stunning views of the beautiful French Quarter.

In or near the French Quarter

Speaking of the French Quarter, finding a hotel in or near the French Quarter is one of the most popular requests that we see. We can't say we blame everyone looking for a hotel in the Vieux Carre. The French Quarter is inthe heart of New Orleans. This unique part of town is filled with historic sights, delicious dining, fabulous shopping and of course the ever festive atmosphere.

Near the streetcar

Another popular request related to location is for hotels near the streetcar lines. The streetcar is as much a mode of transportation as it is a tourist attraction. The streetcar looks much the way they looked 100 years ago. The streetcar can take you throughout the city to popular historic sites, shopping areas and other popular attractions.

Near the parade routes

During Carnival season, the most sought after hotel location is one that is on or near the Mardi Gras parade routes. The good news is that there are many hotels close to the parade routes. The bad news is that everyone also wants to book their stays there. Make sure you book early if you're coming to town during Mardi Gras season that stretches through February and into March. Hotels start taking reservations for next year's Mardi Gras as soon the current season ends. Many hotels start selling out for popular dates months before the first float rolls down St. Charles Avenue.